BASIX® Certification for ALL residential projects in ALL local areas

✓ Alterations & Additions to existing dwellings
✓ New or renovated swimming pools & spas
✓ New Secondary Dwellings/’Granny Flats’
✓ New Single Dwellings
✓ New Dual Occupancy Dwellings
✓ New Townhouse/Villa Developments
✓ New Multi-unit Developments

What you will get:

  • ‘Simulation method’ analysis for Thermal Comfort for new dwellings, using the latest & accredited software: ‘AccuRate Sustainability V2.3.3.13 SP4’
  • Calculations for WATER saving & for ENERGY saving
  • Realistic ‘WATER OPTIONS’, ‘THERMAL COMFORT OPTIONS’ and ‘ENERGY OPTIONS’ that will enable your project to achieve BASIX compliance
  • Official NSW Dept. Planning & Environment BASIX® Certificate
  • Official ‘Universal NatHERS Certificate’ (where applicable)
  • Stamped & certified drawing set ready for lodgement

NatHERS Certification

Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme

What is NatHERS?

  • The House Energy Rating Company uses the latest and accredited thermal performance software, ‘AccuRate Sustainability V2.3.3.13. SP4’, to produce a Universal NatHERS Certificate to accompany drawings for lodgement.
  • In NSW, many BASIX Assessments require the ‘Simulation Method’ to determine the Thermal Comfort of a proposed development. This involves a thermal performance assessment using accredited software that ultimately produces a Universal NatHERS Certificate. (In other jurisdictions, a universal NatHERS Certificate alone could be required.)
  • Using the software user interface, your NatHERS Accredited Assessor enters data to develop a simulation model of the house or apartment, including:
    – size and function of rooms
    – size and specification of openings
    – building materials/windows/products
    – type of construction
    – dwelling orientation
    – location
  • The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) is a ‘star’ rating system (out of 10) that rates the energy efficiency / thermal performance of a house, based on its design as taken from drawings.
  • Good design (= higher ‘star’ ratings) can reduce the amount of energy needed to keep a home thermally comfortable. By providing an estimate of a home’s potential heating and cooling energy use, NatHERS helps to make a dwelling more thermally comfortable for the inhabitants and also helps residents to save on energy bills through smarter design choices.