FAST AND EASY: Use our time not yours!

Due to great variations in complexity of designs and variations in the number of dwellings to be assessed in a project,
Timing and Fees are determined on a ‘project by project’ basis.

Additions + Alterations   1-2 business days (av.)
New Single Dwelling   2-4 business days (av.)
New Dual Occupancy Dwellings   3-4 business days (av.)
New Townhouse/Villa Development   3-4 business days (av.)
New Multi-unit Development   3-6 business days (av.)


✓ A Fee Proposal will be prepared upon receipt of the architectural drawings to be assessed.

✓ A fixed fee will cover ALL work + certification fees. Nothing more to pay.

✓ The work will include multiple simulations, if required, to achieve the BASIX/NatHERS Certification for the certifying authority, for the set of architectural drawings* provided.

*additional fees might need to be applied if revisions are made by the client to the original drawings already assessed